Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Find the best Bore Hole Drilling Companies for your farm in SA

Welcome to South Africa's top Borehole drilling finder website. If you’re a farmer who is looking for a contractor or business to help you get more water to your farm you’ve come to the right website. South Africa has a long standing history with finding water. There are companies who have been operating and helping farmers for decades. However there are also new borehole drilling companies that pop up every day with less experience and know how to get the job done. We know that farmers are busy and hardworking people that don’t have to time to do strenuous work of searching for good borehole drilling companies and getting all the information they need. If you’re a South African reading this post you’ll know how expensive water costs are and that these utility costs are only on the rise in South Africa. Boreholes are quickly becoming a viable option for a second, cheaper source of water where some owners have even claimed that it cuts water costs by up to 80%

borehole drilling

If you’re looking for borehole drilling prices or costs you should probably contact the drilling company directly to get more information about that. Every project is different and drillers often need to survey the area before starting to drill for water. If you’re anxious to enquire about borehole drilling costs and different processes we suggest you scroll down to the bottom of this page to get our preferred drilling company in South Africa’s contact details.

Most drilling companies offer a range of services to it clients which include borehole drilling, pump installation, borehole cleaning, recovery and even irrigation services. The borehole water finding process is interesting and can differ from company to company and depend on various factor of the drilling site. Normally the company starts by drilling a whole in the ground till a certain depth, blow s air and water into the whole in order to flush the mud out the hole, and then they install the pipes and pumps depending on the type of project. For the complete and detailed drilling process you can read the Wikipedia article here.

Now that you know a little more about the borehole drilling process you can start by contacting our preferred driller for a quote. If you do not get a hold of him by calling please send a email by completing the form below. We have also added a YouTube video that explains the borehole drilling process for you to watch.

Our preferred Company in South Africa and there contact details: